Skyrim Female Ancient Nord Helmet!

Ancient Nord HelmetI got the BEST Xmas present EVER from the BEST boyfriend EVER!!! I got the Female Ancient Nord Helmet raw cast from Volpin Props! I had been eyeing this ever since he made the first one and did that awesome photoshoot with it, but it was quite daunting, since I didn’t have the tools or know-how to do it. Since I’m doing the Ancient Nord Armor, aka Aela the Huntress, I thought it would be awesome to have this helmet, yet I’d given up on getting it.
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Momocon 2013 Experience

So I just went to Momocon 2013 (Mar 8-10) and had an amazing time. It was the smallest con I’ve been to yet so it was a slightly different experience for me (I’ve only been to D*Con, AWA, PAX East, and AnimeBoston). I’ll start by going through my experience chronologically.

So I got there Friday around 2 and checked in to my room. I got super lucky and had a room on the 4th floor. I was easily able to use the stairs instead of the elevator (not to mention the costume contest was right next to the stairwell in the 3rd floor so I didn’t have to deal with crowds to get to it) and we had access from the room to the lower roof level. I wasn’t going to get a room originally, but it made costume changes and late nights way easier. Whether I do it again next year will depend on the types of costumes I have and what panels happen late at night. As nice as the room was, I honestly didn’t like the Hilton so much. I think it would be better in one of the other D*Con host hotels. The Hilton is just… odd. I also don’t understand how there were so many elevators, yet using them was impossible, even when there weren’t many people around.
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Katy Perry Peppermint Dress: Gallery

In February of 2013 I went to the Hair of the Dragon party and got tons of great pics of my Katy Perry costume! The photographers have been uploading their photos, and some even edited them to look really cool! In this gallery are my favorites. Some are pre-edited, and some were edited by me (and I stuck in the photographer’s name). There were some greenscreen ones I may try to do something cool with. I’ll edit those when spring con season slows down.

Katy Perry Peppermint Dress Costume Photo Credit: Kevin Winter Photography
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My first Momocon is coming up!

On March 8 I’ll be attending my first Momocon ever. I’m really freaking excited. I’ve been preparing for this con for months!! (Since starting Aela back in Nov). It’s ironic that I used to be a GA Tech student and never went, and now several years later I’m so overly excited about going. (If it hadn’t always fallen on spring break I might have gone, oh well).

I’ve heard it referred to as “baby Dragon*Con” and “Dragon*Con lite”… F*** yeah that sounds awesome! There are amazing cosplay guests and panels going on, and I’m going to milk every little cosplay related thing I can! I’ll be going to the craftsmanship contest on Saturday, no idea how that’ll go but hopefully I can get a good judging time that won’t interfere with too many fun things. I got a hotel room for the weekend just so I have a place to change (and crash after the rave :-P)
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