Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn: Progress

Lady AmaltheaI used to be obsessed with The Last Unicorn when I was a kid. When I heard they were doing a movie tour recently, I HAD to go, and in costume of course!

This costume was pretty easy to make- it’s a long off the shoulder princess seam dress. For the sleeves I just draped fabric on my arms and left the opening really wide, which I gathered to make the poof. The stripes on the front are Wonder-Undered pieces of purple ribbon that I satin stitched on the sides. The pockets are real and the edges are lined with the same ribbon. The top is covered with a pinkish bias tape and finished with lace. The main fabric is reversed (to avoid the shine) discontinued lavender Casa satin. It is lined with a cheap lavender cotton broadcloth.

For structure there is a cotton, plastic boned bodice connected at the top seam and armholes. A chiffon petticoat is connected to the bottom of the inner bodice (to avoid an outer seam at the hips). The wig is a white Persephone from Epic Cosplay. I just had to curl the ends.

See my gallery of the final product here!

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: Gallery

This photoshoot with Dim Horizon Studio took place at the Alabama Lyric Theater, which is undergoing restoration and still in a dilapidated state. This made it perfect for “during the war” scenes for Elizabeth! This is the final version of this Elizabeth costume, I made her entire skirt and got the broach to make it more complete. I’m wearing the ivory Tavistocks from Lady Comstock, so its the day she decided to wear white shoes instead of brown :P. I am also aware I’m not wearing the thimble, whoops.

Elizabeth: Bioshock Infinite
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Cinderella Costume: Progress

Cinderella CostumeI made a Cinderella costume for a Children’s Hospital of Atlanta volunteer visit, and plan to wear it to future events (both for volunteering and conventions). Cinderella’s dress looks daunting because of all the material involved, but its really pretty easy.

What really helped was having a great pattern. I forgot to take but a few progress shots because this was one of those crazy whirlwind projects of mine! For the most part I followed this Simplicity pattern I got in a $1 sale. The skirt (separate with a hidden zipper and a hook closure) is pretty much the same as the pattern. I used a tiny rolled hem to finish it. For the bodice I just used the main part without the pattern’s sleeves. I did shorten it a couple inches I think. It is also self-lined with plastic boning. The white sleeves are cotton tubes stuffed with Polyfil with gathered satin casing that I machine sewed onto the bodice on one side, and hand sewed underneath. I added hooks to keep the bodice connected to the skirt. The white side poof things are just semi circles with pleats. The blue fabric is a discontinued powder blue Casa satin, and the white is a bridal satin from the remnants pile. Despite how big the dress looks, I think I only used around 5 yards of the main fabric.

Underneath I have a hoop skirt for structure. I used this tutorial, except without all the math. Its not very clean since I made the measurements up, but does the trick! I also made a chiffon petticoat to go over it. I will make a thicker tulle petticoat in the future.

The wig is a Dark Ash Blonde Jeannie from Arda Wigs. I just didn’t attach the long poytail, and used the short existing one to pin up into a bun. I cut the bangs and left them long on the sides to pin over the hairline. The headband is a strip of blue satin lined with pearls and glued to a headband, with buttons glued on the end. The necklace is just a strip of velvet ribbon with snaps sewed on. My shoes are tacky glitter plastic jelly shoes I found on clearance, but the kids loved them. ;)