Savior’s Hide from Skyrim: Progress

Savior's HideThe Savior’s Hide is a really cool special armor you get in Skyrim from completing a certain quest a certain way. I love the sculptural elements to it and all the different materials involved. It also only involves the cuirass, so I had to figure out what boots, gloves, and helmet to make with it. This meant I got to play dress up doll with my character! I ended up choosing the Armor of the Old Gods (Forsworn) boots and gloves, and the female Dragonscale helmet. For my weapon I chose the Ebony battle axe because its huge and awesome.

To start I made a leotard out of faux suede to wear under the armor and attach everything to. I found some super awesome very realistic fur on super duper clearance. I made a sort of shawl like thing out of cotton and stuffed it. Then I made a casing with fur on the outside and suede on the inside. The idea was to make the shoulder/upper back fur look much fuller than it was, plus add warmth since I’d be doing a shoot in the cold. The ends have straps to tie onto the armor. then I made a sort of skirt/loincloth thing of of the fur and lined with the suede. This is attached to the leotard.

Ebony Battle AxeFor the cuirass I started making the general shape out of craft foam. I used Worbla pieces to surround the various pieces and stick them all together. The whole thing is layers of designs to build a 3D look. I suppose I could have made it all out of craft foam then formed Worbla over it, but the layering method really allowed it to be 3D, plus its sturdier. I used thumbtacks for the grommets and openable key rings to attach the top of the armor to the pelvis armor. a 4-ish inch gap is in the back, since its just Worbla and foam, it can bend a bit so I can get into it. Then I made a separate back piece that hangs down from the fur cape thing. The back piece is secured by faux leather belts around the waist, which just happened to be conveniently in the design.
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Rose Hip Tea by Sakizou: Progress

Rose Hip Tea - SakizoRose Hip Tea is an original artwork character by the Japanese artist, Sakizo. She does amazing work and created these insanely gorgeous characters, often with a food, beverage, flower, etc. theme. They vary in style a bit, and the one I chose as my first attempt to create in costume has a kind of rococo victorian influence. I’m actually not really sure what the “correct” way to describe it is. :P

So the first thing I started working on / worrying about was the skirt fabric. I had to be that perfect pale peachy pink color and nice looking, however synthetic so I could do the scallops. After much searching and exasperation, I found some (pricey but worth it) polyester taffeta in the perfect color. It looks really nice despite being synthetic, and allowed me to use a soldering iron to cut all of the scallops on the edges. I used a small glass candle holder as a “stencil.” It was VERY stinky and probably bad for my brain cells and lungs (I used a mask but didn’t have a respirator like I should have). I did make sure to not breath it in too much without constantly getting fresh air. Anyway that was probably the coolest thing about this project!

There are 3 gathered layers to the skirt, the bottom being biggest and gathered tightly on the ends to make a bubble-ish shape. On the front of the skirt is simple apron made of ivory cotton sateen and hand-sewed trim with some really nice lace I got from Etsy. The skirt was then sewn onto a waistband with hooks and snaps for closure. To make it really poof up over my butt, I made a basic crescent shaped bum pad out of white broadcloth with tulle strips layered on top.

The main fabric for the shirt is an ivory cotton jersey with a nice sheen to it. The front decorative piece and sleeve ends are ivory cotton sateen and various laces I had around. The rick rack and other brownish trim was originally white, and I colored it with a brown/gold sharpie by hand (was synthetic and I didn’t feel like buying poly dye. This may have been a huge mistake, I’ll find out when I wash it haha.) The rose motif lace around the wrists I also ordered from Etsy. The sleeves I quilted myself out of the ivory cotton sateen and batting. For the ruffles over the sleeves, I “hemmed” it with a tiny sulky brown satin stitch, using stabilizer to help. (Could have used my serger to make it easier I guess, sometimes I don’t know why I do the crazy inefficient things I do). I dotted the diamond corners with brown Swarovski crystals, alternating shades a bit for more interest. The rose buttons I found on clearance and painted gold.
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Super Sailor Mercury: Progress

SuperSailorMercuryMercury/Ami has always been by favorite sailor moon character, so its crazy that I only just recently made her! I get better and better every time I make fukus, this is my 4th one. Its not 100% perfect, but I’m really happy with it! For this version I chose to make it with the old anime look. As in, pleated skirt and not too much shiny going on.

To start I finally got hold of the infamous Green Pepper ice skating pattern. I modified it by extending the back up to my neck. I also initially modified the separation between the midsection and bottom, then had to go back to the original pattern line since it didn’t look right on me. I separated the top chest armor from the midsection and cut 2 copies, plus a copy in standard white fleece. Basically what they do in the Cupcake Cosplay fuku tutorial. I used white matte moleskin. The various rolls were all made by rolling up tubes of fleece for stuffing, rather than polyfil. This made it way easier to sew and much smoother. The sheer stuff on the sleeves is scrap white organza.

The collar and skirt are made from cotton sateen. They are pretty standardly made like all my others. The skirt fabric is folded so there is no need to hem. After I pleated it all I held it up on my waist and pinned the line where I wanted the V to sit. This is basically where I made the decision to make it super short and sit high-ish on my waist. It’s dangerously close to being skanky, but at the same time, much more accurate since they have super crazy long legs and pretty much no pelvis. I think it turned out great in the end and will probably make all my future fuku skirts this short. :P

My bows are made from leftover cornflower blue (now discontinued) Casa satin from my Cinderella costume. The broach is made from worbla, shaped with a heart pendant from Forever 21. The tiara is also made from worbla, primed with gesso and pretty easy to make. The boots I found on clearance and painted with perfectly colored leather paint that I just so happened to have leftover from my Sailor V shoes. The visor I got from Etsy. I saw it before I made the costume and it was part of my inspiration to finally do it! They are pretty awesome.

I got some great shots at the conventions I’ve worn it to so far, check them out!