Anna from Frozen Winter Dress: Commission

Anna Frozen Winter OutfitThis is a commission I did for Anna’s winter outfit from Disney’s Frozen.

The Skirt and cape are made from flannel, cape is lined with a maroon brocade. The cape fur collar snaps on for comfort. The undershirt is a very nice cotton shirting fabric. The bodice is cotton sateen with satin handmade binding and polyester lining. It has plastic boning, except for the opening in the back which has steel boning. The cap and gloves are flannel. I used an embroidery machine for all of the designs, some I made with software and some I bought for time saving purposes. I topstitched all of the designs onto the cape, this was probably the most time consuming part! I really loved making this costume and hope to do more in the future!
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Katy Perry Dress: Progress

I made a really quick and easy Katy Perry dress for Dragon Con 2014. It took me maybe a day and was meant to be a fun and comfy costume for nighttime shenanigans. :)

I used a Simplicity vintage bathing suit pattern (1374) and modified it into a dress. Its just lycra swim fabric. I don’t have professional images of it and didn’t take much in the way of progress, but here is what I do have!

Katy Perry Costume
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