Chibi Chibi Schoolgirl: Progress

chibi-chibi-schoolgirlI made a super duper last minute decision to attend J-Con, a new small convention hosted at KSU. It was the weekend after AWA and I was feeling super post con blues, and also really wanted to get back to sewing! I knew I wanted to do Chibi Chibi’s casual schoolgirl outfit at some point, and this was a perfect opportunity since it was such an easy project.

There’s not much to it since its so simple. I did take a few progress pics, but honestly its not far off from my Sailor V costume, just much simpler. I didn’t bother finding a pattern or making a mock for it since I just wanted to crank it out ASAP. I cut out a square of fabric out of convenient leftover kona cotton and somehow crafted a basic shirt shape out of it. I used the same poofy sleeve pattern I use for everything. The collar is white cotton sateen I already had because I ran out of kona. I accidentally made the shirt too short (lol boobs) so the extra wide bias tape lining the bottom was an attempt to lengthen it an inch.

The skirt is exactly the same as my Sailor V skirt, but with larger pleats and a center pleat in the front. The bottom edge is clean with no hemming because I used the natural fold of the fabric, basically doubling the fabric. Doubled kona cotton pleats well! Plus I added the bow in the back.

The red bow is the same one from Chibi Chibi’s fuku. The heart broach is the one that I meant to use for her fuku version but got knocked under the couch by my cats and couldn’t find for Dragon Con. I reused her wig, but couldn’t take off the odango shields… because glue! :P Sorry for so few progress pics, I was working too fast to remember to take more!

Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon: Progress

Sailor Chibi Chibi MoonI was part of a super huge Sailor Moon group at Dragon Con, and I decided to be Chibi Chibi Moon! Her outfit is a pretty standard Sailor Scout fuku, just with 2 color double rolls and hearts everywhere instead of circles/stars.

I started with a basic McCall’s one piece swimsuit pattern and modified the neckline. I used very nice thick white matte moleskin. Since Chibi Chibi is eternal, I didn’t have to make chest armor, but I did make my own inner lining with swimsuit boob cups so I wouldn’t have to wear a bra. I made and sewed a basic navy cotton sateen color to the neckline. The sleeves are white cotton sateen made from a Dorothy pattern, finished with the yellow and red double roll cuffs, also cotton sateen.
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The Major from Ghost in the Shell: Progress

motoko-kusanagi Motoko Kusanagi is my favorite anime character ever, and I love her for very many reasons. She was also my first official cosplay ever, which I wore to Dragon*Con in ’09. I made her leather combat outfit, and well, I did a pretty terrible job, hehe. ^-^ BUT I’ve learned sooooo much since then. Its not just been about improving my sewing skills, but also learning about new techniques and materials, and also transforming myself to actually look like the characters I’m cosplaying.

So recently Epic Cosplay had a huge sale on wigs, and while perusing I saw a wig that looked perfect for the Major. I convinced myself to buy it by saying I’d make a new Major cosplay next year. And then later Ana Aesthetic was offering bodysuit commissions to raise money for her precious kitty, so I commissioned the Major’s base gray bodysuit. Well, she got it done super duper early, a couple weeks before SeishunCon! So I was like, man, I need to get this cosplay in sooner than I thought, maybe sneak it into my already packed Dragon*Con schedule this year. I looked at reference pics and got an idea for a version that would be easy to do. (I plan on doing her combat outfit for next year, TOTALLY LEGIT THIS TIME!) But then I was at Joann’s the weekend before the con getting last minute things, and my hands started picking out materials her badass long coat! My brain was like, NOOO you don’t have time! But I kept going, and I came home and immediately started making the coat. So there my last minute weekend cosplay commenced!
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Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay: Progress

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favorite characters ever, so its about time I cosplayed her. It took me awhile to pick out which one of her many awesome outfits to do, but I ended up choosing the pink dress version. A lot of people cosplay this version so I was originally not wanting to do it… but dat skirt! I wanted to see if I could recreate the literal horizontal shape of her crazy poofy skirt! I wore this one to Seishun Con 2013 in June.
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Sailor V Cosplay: Progress

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Sailor V CoverTime for Sailor V, yay!!! I’m really excited about doing this costume, its so cute! I am doing the manga version, which I think is the cutest.

So far I’ve bought all of the materials and made a muslin mock of the top. I got a navy bottomweight for the pleated skirt and accents, and red and white cotton with a slight stretch to it for the rest of the outfit. A thick yellow ribbon will hopefully serve as the gold lining on top of the gloves. I got plenty of red bias tape, and shoulder pads for the, well, the inside out shoulder pad armor she wears. :-P I will make a nice cover for them. Those shoes are of the devil and I haven’t found anything suitable yet.

Also I got a serger for Xmas!! I will go serge crazy on this costume! :D
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