Fallout 4 Sole Survivor: Progress Part 2

Fallout 4 Righteous Authority Continuing on with my Fallout 4 build (check out part 1!), I’ll now talk about the props I made. I decided to make Righteous Authority (pictured at left), a laser rifle, because its my favorite rifle in the game. Why? I don’t know, its not that amazing spec wise. But it looks cool and has a badass name. I also made the new pipboy, and some small pieces for the vaultsuit. I’ll admit I’m not exactly a props expert. When it comes to sewing, I’m obsessed with perfection and using professional techniques and materials. With props though… I just want it to kinda look like the thing I’m going for haha. I did get a ton of positive feedback on the rifle though, made me feel really good! :)
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Fallout 4 Sole Survivor: Progress Part 1

fallout 4 sole survivor Ever since I played Fallout 4 when it first came out, I knew I’d be making that new vaultsuit. Its so much more interesting than the previous ones. I hunted ’round the internet for the right fabric and studied it for months and months before finally deciding to make it. I also decided to do some leather armor since I needed an excuse to learn leatherworking. This post will cover the vaultsuit and armor, and the next will cover the props.
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Fallout 3 Nuka Cola Girl

I made the pink spring dress from Fallout 3 for fun! I wore it to PAX Prime and Dragon Con 2015. I carried around a homemade Nuka Cola bottle and claimed I was a Nuka Cola girl. This isn’t really a construction write-up or gallery, just a “hey I made this thing” post. :)




Ysolda from Skyrim: Progress

ysolda I made this costume for Dragon Con 2015. If you’ve looked around my site, you’ve probably noticed my love of Skyrim. I knew when I first saw her in the game I’d end up making her… mainly because I really liked her adorable horribly sewn dress and leather corset! For this Dragon Con I had too much on my plate to make a new armor set, so I made this very simple outfit. Well it wasn’t that simple, I just made it really really fast, in less than a week I think.
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The Legend of Link: Commission

The Legend of LinkThis commission is based off a fanart called “The Legend of Link,” where Zelda is wearing a purple tunic with Link’s weapons, but with parts of Zelda’s armor. This was really fun to make! (This is the image they gave me, I’m not sure who the artist is. So if you do, let me know so I can credit!)

The tunic and hat are purple faux linen, and I embroidered (straight stitch on a regular machine) the patterns from Link’s Twilight Princess design. The belts are brown pleather with pre-made antique brass buckles. The armor is craft foam with Worbla formed around it. The swirls are strips of craft foam glued to the armor bases first. I love how Worbla can cover such detailed surfaces, this is a great example of what it can do! I painted with “24k gold” spray paint, detailed with acrylics, and sealed with resin. The pauldrons attach with strong magnets, and the bracer attaches with pleather straps and d-rings.
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