Aela the Huntress from Skyrim: Updates

I was finally able to have an awesome photoshoot for my Aela the Huntress costume! It was at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama, which is probably the most accessible Skyrim-like place in the south east. I’ll post the pics in a gallery when they are ready.

I first wore this costume to Momocon 2013 (and won Best Master in the craftsmanship contest, woo!). I made several updates to it for the photoshoot, so here is what I did! Pics below.
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Skyrim Female Ancient Nord Helmet!

Ancient Nord HelmetI got the BEST Xmas present EVER from the BEST boyfriend EVER!!! I got the Female Ancient Nord Helmet raw cast from Volpin Props! I had been eyeing this ever since he made the first one and did that awesome photoshoot with it, but it was quite daunting, since I didn’t have the tools or know-how to do it. Since I’m doing the Ancient Nord Armor, aka Aela the Huntress, I thought it would be awesome to have this helmet, yet I’d given up on getting it.
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Aela the Huntress Costume (Progress)

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Aela the HuntressStill obsessed with Skyrim here! I am so excited about doing this costume that I’m already making a post for it! :) I’m wearing this one to Momocon ’13 and probably Dragon*Con ’13 if I don’t already have too many costumes.

Ancient Nord ArmorThere are so many amazing outfits in this game, especially with armor. This particular armor set stands out to me because its visually interesting and has a variety of elements, such as steel plating, chainmail, fur, stones, etc. I’ve noticed this has been a fairly popular cosplay – not surprised since people seem to gravitate towards the sexy ones, and this is one of the most revealing outfits in the game. Nothing wrong with that! Its just that this costume speaks to me for more than just sexiness for some reason. I’d like to attempt a very accurate version of it with nice materials. I’ll make a list of the elements and why I like them.
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