Anna from Frozen Fever: Progress

anna-frozen-fever-doll I made Anna’s Frozen Fever dress around May of 2015. At the time the short wasn’t out on video yet (I think, unless I was dumb and missed it). There were very terrible reference pics. I ended up doing a mish mash of movie screenshots and the various dolls. I noticed in the actual short (vs. the marketing photos) her dress, especially her vest, was extremely glittery and blingy. So I aimed to be as glittery and blingy as I could!
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Sansa from Game of Thrones: Progress

Sansa from Game of Thrones! This was a super quickie project I made on a whim with materials I already had. I really wanted to test out the new Simplicity pattern as soon as I saw it.

The construction is pretty straightforward, I stuck mostly to the pattern. Its made from lavender silk dupioni, a generic gold brocade for the sleeves, and leftover lace for the side designs (I actually painted the lace gold), and linen for the inside of the roses. I did have to make the sleeves more form fitting, and also changed it to a lace up back. I also did lining (old bedsheets) instead of the facing in the pattern.
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DIY Pillows!

Things have been a little slower than usual on the costume front for me lately, considering I just moved across the country! I’ll be catching up with costume write-ups at some point, but in the meantime here is a simple project I did recently.

I have a new apartment, and of course with spaces to decorate! While shopping I remarked that throw pillows are really expensive these days! Then remembered I can sew that kind of thing myself, duh. :P

So I found a Joann’s and picked fun decorator fabrics from the remnants section. Remnants are a great way to save money on this kind of thing! They are usually 50% or more off, less than a yard but more than enough for pillows. I also got some off-white muslin and super cheap polyester stuff to make inner pillow cases. If you want your pillows to be a bit smoother, making the pillows first out of cheapo fabric helps. You just use the nice fabric as a case instead. If you are on a budget and don’t want to buy extra material like zippers and buttons for closing the pillows after stuffing (because you know you have to leave a slit open to stuff them, right?), you can just pinch it shut and sew it closed or hand sew it closed for a more seamless look.

diy pillows

diy pillows

Cat approved
diy pillows

Saria from Ocarina of Time: Progress

My Saria costume (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) was pretty simple to make. I eyeballed a pair of shorts to get the bottom of the jumper right, and drafted the rest. I also drafted the turtleneck. Stretch fabric is very forgiving like that. :)

The turtleneck is a thick green cotton jersey knit. The jumper is a faux green linen look fabric. There is a zipper in the back and an elastic band inside to create the cinching look even under the belt. The belt is made from black bottomweight fabric from my scrap bin. I found the Navi plushie at a dealer’s booth at AWA. The wig is an emerald Magnum from Arda Wigs, I didn’t have to cut it or anything! The elf ears are from Aradani (“anime”).

Margaery Purple Wedding Dress: Progress

This was a very emotional project for me for many reasons. I cried (both anger and joy) several times throughout this crafting process. Before I get to the actual progress write-up, I’ve got a lot to say about this costume!

This project began as a costume initially meant to mimic her wedding dress using practical (aka inexpensive) techniques. As with any costume I make, I wanted to be accurate within reason, but be clever to save money. So basically, just a very pretty and kind of crazy but not too insane costume. But as I studied hi-res images and read detailed descriptions from the creators, it slowly turned into an attempt at a screen accurate replica and (very expensive) monster of a project. Check out the official images and description of the real dress on Michele Carragher’s site!
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Ariel Original Ballgown: Progress


Ariel is my favorite of the Disney princesses, so I’m not sure why its taken me so long to make her! I fell in love with her new turquoise/teal sparkly dress, so I decided to use that as a jumping off point. At some point I made the decision that I wanted to be poofy and crazy, so style-wise I crossed her new dress with Sarah’s ballgown from the Labyrinth.

For fabric, I allowed myself to buy stuff I would never use normally, like glitter costume satin and shiny organza. I can be kind of a fabric snob, but I wanted this dress to be silly and boisterous. For the color, I chose blue radiance from the casa line for the tulle and organza and a matching glitter satin (some generic brand from Joann’s.) I also found a gorgeous mint green peachskin fabric for the sleeves and binding (not sure if its peachskin, since it was in the cheap costume fabric section, but its so pretty!)
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Savior’s Hide from Skyrim: Progress

Savior's HideThe Savior’s Hide is a really cool special armor you get in Skyrim from completing a certain quest a certain way. I love the sculptural elements to it and all the different materials involved. It also only involves the cuirass, so I had to figure out what boots, gloves, and helmet to make with it. This meant I got to play dress up doll with my character! I ended up choosing the Armor of the Old Gods (Forsworn) boots and gloves, and the female Dragonscale helmet. For my weapon I chose the Ebony battle axe because its huge and awesome.

To start I made a leotard out of faux suede to wear under the armor and attach everything to. I found some super awesome very realistic fur on super duper clearance. I made a sort of shawl like thing out of cotton and stuffed it. Then I made a casing with fur on the outside and suede on the inside. The idea was to make the shoulder/upper back fur look much fuller than it was, plus add warmth since I’d be doing a shoot in the cold. The ends have straps to tie onto the armor. then I made a sort of skirt/loincloth thing of of the fur and lined with the suede. This is attached to the leotard.

Ebony Battle AxeFor the cuirass I started making the general shape out of craft foam. I used Worbla pieces to surround the various pieces and stick them all together. The whole thing is layers of designs to build a 3D look. I suppose I could have made it all out of craft foam then formed Worbla over it, but the layering method really allowed it to be 3D, plus its sturdier. I used thumbtacks for the grommets and openable key rings to attach the top of the armor to the pelvis armor. a 4-ish inch gap is in the back, since its just Worbla and foam, it can bend a bit so I can get into it. Then I made a separate back piece that hangs down from the fur cape thing. The back piece is secured by faux leather belts around the waist, which just happened to be conveniently in the design.
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