Cosplay Makeup

I’ve decided to add a new section to my blog, which is makeup! Before I go any further, I have to add a disclaimer that I am NOT a professional makeup artist, and my future makeup posts are not meant to be “this is how you’re supposed to do makeup” type posts. In fact, they’re not even really tutorials. I just want to document and show people what makeup I did. It would be awesome to give people ideas on what to do for makeup for the same character, and even get feedback on how I can improve the look.

Anyway, so I used to not wear much makeup at all. You know, always being a nerd and all. But then a couple of years ago I got over my “nerdy girls aren’t supposed to wear makeup” mentality and decided to try it for reals. I have since discovered a makeup style and products that fit me best. As you will see quickly, Urban Decay is my favorite brand. At least 90% of the makeup I own is from UD. I really love their tinted moisturizer, bb cream, and translucent finishing powder. Also their eye primer potion is of the gods. I have super acne prone skin, plus I hate looking like I’m wearing foundation, so these products do the trick for me. So in an attempt to not look like I’m being paid to advertise for UD (which I am most definately not!) I will try to keep the UD references toned down. :-P

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