Margaery Bunny: Progress

Margaery bunny For Dragon Con 2015 I made Margaery bunny for a Game of Thrones bunny group. I’d never made a bunny suit before, and it didn’t quite turn out right, but I was happy enough with it to wear it anyway. :P We won best group in the bunny hutch contest!

It was one of those projects that went great in theory but didn’t quite go perfectly in the end. Instead of buying a bunny-suit pattern, I made a mock by combining my favorite corset pattern with a panty pattern I drafted. The mock itself turned out really well and fit great. I constructed the whole thing like a corset. I used a strong twill inner layer, spiral steel, twill stay tape, hidden lace up closure, etc. It turned out really great, except for the me wearing it part. The bottom bunches up and is loose at the same time. (The pictures in this post are of angles that look fine… something I did on purpose :P) Oh well, it was wearable at least and a learning experience. :) The accessories were super fun to make! I made everything but the crown, which is the cheap Halloween version (but surprisingly detailed/accurate).

Game of Thrones Bunnies
Galacticat as Brienne Bunny; Me as Margaery Bunny; Gogo Incognito as Cersei Bunny; Dean Newbury as Littlefinger Hef; Amanda Kirk as Asha Greyjoy Bunny; Nicole Grecco as Daenerys Bunny; Materia Girl as Sansa Bunny; Katherine Kneece as Nymeria Sand Bunny; Lara Cupcake as Ygritte Bunny; Crazy Callisto as Jon Snow Bunny; Mary Ann Butler as Melisandre Bunny