Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon: Progress

Sailor Chibi Chibi MoonI was part of a super huge Sailor Moon group at Dragon Con, and I decided to be Chibi Chibi Moon! Her outfit is a pretty standard Sailor Scout fuku, just with 2 color double rolls and hearts everywhere instead of circles/stars.

I started with a basic McCall’s one piece swimsuit pattern and modified the neckline. I used very nice thick white matte moleskin. Since Chibi Chibi is eternal, I didn’t have to make chest armor, but I did make my own inner lining with swimsuit boob cups so I wouldn’t have to wear a bra. I made and sewed a basic navy cotton sateen color to the neckline. The sleeves are white cotton sateen made from a Dorothy pattern, finished with the yellow and red double roll cuffs, also cotton sateen.

The skirt is 1 circle skirt with black horsehair braid for poofiness, and red/yellow hip rolls attached. The skirt just slides on over the leotard and so far attaches with safety pins. The front bow, red cotton sateen, is also attached with safety pins. I usually don’t use safety pins in final costumes, but it wasn’t being judged and I ran out of time. xD

The gloves are standard gloves made out of the white moleskin with red/yellow rolls. I made the bootcovers out of some kind of white faux leather upholstery fabric, topped with red cotton sateen. I was somehow able to install an invisible zipper. The base shoes are dance shoes with painted heels. (PROTIP, dance shoes are the best for walking around cons!!)

The wig is a chibi in maroon from Arda. I stubbed it and then failed miserably with the heart odangoes! :P My friend Molly helped me with a second try though and they turned out much better! The odango shields are foam and worbla, painted with acrylics.

Overall this costume didn’t take too long, but I still ran out of time due to other costumes needing to be done. I’m not completely happy with the way it turned out. The collar shape isn’t right, the front bow is a tad too small, and the sewing is pretty atrocious in some places. I also don’t think the flat chested idea worked well. I was going for a young toddler look, and I always thought of myself as short, but I just looked so tall, gangly, and awkward as her. If I wear it again I’ll fix some things and just go for a “fully grown” version. :P
I may actually quickly sew her super cute starry schoolgirl outfit to wear with the wig instead, because I really want to do all that wig effort justice and wear it more!

Since this project got very rushed towards the end, I forgot to take more progress pics. Sorry! Here is the gallery of the finished costume.

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