Sailor V Cosplay: Progress

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Sailor V CoverTime for Sailor V, yay!!! I’m really excited about doing this costume, its so cute! I am doing the manga version, which I think is the cutest.

So far I’ve bought all of the materials and made a muslin mock of the top. I got a navy bottomweight for the pleated skirt and accents, and red and white cotton with a slight stretch to it for the rest of the outfit. A thick yellow ribbon will hopefully serve as the gold lining on top of the gloves. I got plenty of red bias tape, and shoulder pads for the, well, the inside out shoulder pad armor she wears. :-P I will make a nice cover for them. Those shoes are of the devil and I haven’t found anything suitable yet.

Also I got a serger for Xmas!! I will go serge crazy on this costume! :D


Small update! I’ve taken the mock apart and used it for pattern pieces to cut out the fabric. Now I’ve got the base of the top finished! To finish the whole top I’ll need to add the Sailor flap thingy, bow, and hem the bottom edge and sleeves. Progress pics added below!


Another small update! The top is very close to being done, it just needs the shoulder pad thingies and the bow. I’ll be attaching the bow with snaps most likely. You’ll notice I messed up the red part in the sleeves in an earlier pic… don’t ask how I fixed it. x_x

So I’ll be taking a hiatus from Sailor V for awhile. I really need to focus on Aela to make sure I finish it. Plus I’m trying that “losing weight” thing thats so popular these days so I can have a skinny waist. You know, for accuracy. :-P So I want to wait to do the skirt when my measurements are more “final.” Anyway, I added a couple pics below but not full progress pics. I may upload them later, too many pics!!! And ignore the wrinkles and cat hair! Those will be gone once con day comes around… hopefully. :-P

Finished! I actually finished it about a week before the con. I didn’t have time to update much the past couple of weeks because I was so freaking busy trying to get everything done. I’ve added the rest of the progress pics below with descriptions. I’ll make a separate post for final pics.

Skirt: The skirt is a simple pleated skirt lined at the bottom with red bias tape. I made the waist fairly high to sit at my belly button like it does in the manga. There is an invisible zipper in the back and a standard waistband. Fun fact: At some point, even though I carefully measured it, it somehow became too big for my waist and I had to take in a panel, messing up my nice back enclosure. The when I put it on at the con it was an inch too big, even though it was fine the week before! I guess I lost more weight than I thought. :-P (Seriously, ALL I did was cut out junk and fast food!) So I had to resort to the safety pin method. -_-

Shoes: The shoes are clearance Aerosoles that just happened to be the exact design of her shoes! The only modification was tightening the ankle strap, which I had to cut and sew bc it didn’t allow tightening naturally. The shoes were more comfortable than I thought they’d be, too, and fairly easy to walk in once I got used to the ankle strap. I stripped them with acetone and painted them with blue paint I got from the Tandy Leather Factory. It did turn out too royal blue rather than navy, oh well.

Wig: The wig is an Arda Eowyn in light blonde. It was difficult to put the hair up for the bow, but the bangs turned out ok. This wig tangles super easily on me, blegh. I love the color though! It’s definitely a yellow blonde, but looks natural.

Accessories: The broach is just a circle of moldable plastic painted gold, and the crescents were from a jewel pack, originally purple, painted gold. I used 2 sided tape for the forehead crescent. For her mask I used cardboard wrapped in red cloth and cheapo glasses for the sides.

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