If you’re wondering, yes! I do commissions! I love sewing and crafting, whether its for me or other people. So whatever I create for another person will be just as good and well-crafted as my personal stuff. :)

Note: Right now I am booked for the unforeseeable future, so I am not taking commissions at this time. If anything changes I am more likely to announce it on my Facebook page.

At this busy point in my life, my commission availability is very limited. As a result I am very selective in which commissions I can take. If it is in my comfort zone, I will be more willing to make it! This is mainly because I know I can complete it more quickly and professionally. I also can only complete about a handful per year. In the future I hope to be able to free up time to do more though!

Examples of projects I love to do:

  • Disney (or similar style) princesses
  • Uniforms (schoolgirl uniforms, female military uniforms, etc.)
  • Magical girls (sailor fukus, idols, standard anime girly outfits)
  • Historical (GoT, Lotr, not too time-consuming period dresses, etc.)
  • Or anything frilly poofy girly kawaii ^_^ (Sakizou, Lolita, maids, etc.)
  • SMALL props/accessories

Projects I run away from:

  • Menswear (unless its accessories, that’s fine)
  • Bodysuits (superheroes, spandex, anything stretchy/tight fitting, unless its sailor fukus, those are fine)
  • Armor and large props
  • Complex Leatherworking
  • Casting or metalworking

Commission Inquiries:

For now, messaging me on my Facebook page is the easiest way to contact me. You can also email lydia (at) lyddidesign (dot) com. If I don’t respond to email quickly enough, just try Facebook. :) I will probably add a contact form in the future.

Let me know what costume/project you want created, and we will discuss time, budget, etc. from there!