The Major from Ghost in the Shell: Progress

motoko-kusanagi Motoko Kusanagi is my favorite anime character ever, and I love her for very many reasons. She was also my first official cosplay ever, which I wore to Dragon*Con in ’09. I made her leather combat outfit, and well, I did a pretty terrible job, hehe. ^-^ BUT I’ve learned sooooo much since then. Its not just been about improving my sewing skills, but also learning about new techniques and materials, and also transforming myself to actually look like the characters I’m cosplaying.

So recently Epic Cosplay had a huge sale on wigs, and while perusing I saw a wig that looked perfect for the Major. I convinced myself to buy it by saying I’d make a new Major cosplay next year. And then later Ana Aesthetic was offering bodysuit commissions to raise money for her precious kitty, so I commissioned the Major’s base gray bodysuit. Well, she got it done super duper early, a couple weeks before SeishunCon! So I was like, man, I need to get this cosplay in sooner than I thought, maybe sneak it into my already packed Dragon*Con schedule this year. I looked at reference pics and got an idea for a version that would be easy to do. (I plan on doing her combat outfit for next year, TOTALLY LEGIT THIS TIME!) But then I was at Joann’s the weekend before the con getting last minute things, and my hands started picking out materials her badass long coat! My brain was like, NOOO you don’t have time! But I kept going, and I came home and immediately started making the coat. So there my last minute weekend cosplay commenced!
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