Saria from Ocarina of Time: Progress

My Saria costume (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) was pretty simple to make. I eyeballed a pair of shorts to get the bottom of the jumper right, and drafted the rest. I also drafted the turtleneck. Stretch fabric is very forgiving like that. :)

The turtleneck is a thick green cotton jersey knit. The jumper is a faux green linen look fabric. There is a zipper in the back and an elastic band inside to create the cinching look even under the belt. The belt is made from black bottomweight fabric from my scrap bin. I found the Navi plushie at a dealer’s booth at AWA. The wig is an emerald Magnum from Arda Wigs, I didn’t have to cut it or anything! The elf ears are from Aradani (“anime”).