Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: Gallery

This photoshoot with Dim Horizon Studio took place at the Alabama Lyric Theater, which is undergoing restoration and still in a dilapidated state. This made it perfect for “during the war” scenes for Elizabeth! This is the final version of this Elizabeth costume, I made her entire skirt and got the broach to make it more complete. I’m wearing the ivory Tavistocks from Lady Comstock, so its the day she decided to wear white shoes instead of brown :P. I am also aware I’m not wearing the thimble, whoops.

Elizabeth: Bioshock Infinite
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The Comstocks from Bioshock Infinite: Progress

comstocksWhen I played Bioshock Infinite I thought I was totally going to cosplay Elizabeth. I took lots of ref shots as I played, but I was also fascinated with Lady Comstock’s outfit as well. Her’s is similar to Elizabeth’s, but in a more classy Victorian lady kind of way. Eventually my boyfriend, Andrew, said something like “Hey I should cosplay Comstock because I have a beard.” And it began, I was determined that we would be the Comstocks!

These costumes are pretty straightforward. I rushed most of the pieces and didn’t remember to take as many progress pics as I usually do, sorry! Funnily enough, I actually busted my butt to make a grey suit for Comstock, and I ended up hating it. The fabric was polyester, worst decision ever! I couldn’t press it without it melting, ugh. So I re-made the whole thing out of a bottomweight black cotton fabric, and I think it looks soooo much better. I did this the week before my shoot so I had even less time to take progress pics.
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