DIY Pillows!

Things have been a little slower than usual on the costume front for me lately, considering I just moved across the country! I’ll be catching up with costume write-ups at some point, but in the meantime here is a simple project I did recently.

I have a new apartment, and of course with spaces to decorate! While shopping I remarked that throw pillows are really expensive these days! Then remembered I can sew that kind of thing myself, duh. :P

So I found a Joann’s and picked fun decorator fabrics from the remnants section. Remnants are a great way to save money on this kind of thing! They are usually 50% or more off, less than a yard but more than enough for pillows. I also got some off-white muslin and super cheap polyester stuff to make inner pillow cases. If you want your pillows to be a bit smoother, making the pillows first out of cheapo fabric helps. You just use the nice fabric as a case instead. If you are on a budget and don’t want to buy extra material like zippers and buttons for closing the pillows after stuffing (because you know you have to leave a slit open to stuff them, right?), you can just pinch it shut and sew it closed or hand sew it closed for a more seamless look.

diy pillows

diy pillows

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diy pillows


To make a long story short, I love making costumes! Go to my About page to learn more about why. As you will read later, this blog is an outlet for my costume craziness so I don’t explode by keeping it all in. I don’t have many people in real life to talk about this stuff with, so the internet gets to listen instead, yay!