The Comstocks from Bioshock Infinite: Progress

comstocksWhen I played Bioshock Infinite I thought I was totally going to cosplay Elizabeth. I took lots of ref shots as I played, but I was also fascinated with Lady Comstock’s outfit as well. Her’s is similar to Elizabeth’s, but in a more classy Victorian lady kind of way. Eventually my boyfriend, Andrew, said something like “Hey I should cosplay Comstock because I have a beard.” And it began, I was determined that we would be the Comstocks!

These costumes are pretty straightforward. I rushed most of the pieces and didn’t remember to take as many progress pics as I usually do, sorry! Funnily enough, I actually busted my butt to make a grey suit for Comstock, and I ended up hating it. The fabric was polyester, worst decision ever! I couldn’t press it without it melting, ugh. So I re-made the whole thing out of a bottomweight black cotton fabric, and I think it looks soooo much better. I did this the week before my shoot so I had even less time to take progress pics.
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