Mermaid Ariel: Progress

Mermaid ArielI decided to make my own original version of mermaid Ariel for Momocon’s night at the Aquarium. I literally wanted to look like a disco ball, without the ball part. I got to fulfill my inner little girl and buy terrible sparkly sequin-y fabrics. I actually bought a lot more than in my finished version because I ran out of time, and it might’ve been too tacky anyway.

The top is a pre-made strapless bra that I covered with sparkly glitter ribbon. I sewed it on by hand. I also started to add rhinestones but realized it was sparkly enough, so I just left what I did.

The skirt is a classic mermaid skirt. I did have to do some engineering though. I made a solid miniskirt out of twill for the inside so it could be tight to my body. The rest of the lining is green spandex. The outer sequin layer is a 2-way stretch, so I made sure it stretches width-wise. This way I am able to walk in it a little easier. I hand sewed on the tail fabric. Its vaguely cut into a fin shape. I actually had to dye it to get the right color. Apologies for not having more progress pics. I shamefully had to finish this in my hotel room before the event haha.

Overall it turned out much more fabulous that I thought it would. It was VERY popular with the little kids at the aquarium!