The Legend of Link: Commission

The Legend of LinkThis commission is based off a fanart called “The Legend of Link,” where Zelda is wearing a purple tunic with Link’s weapons, but with parts of Zelda’s armor. This was really fun to make! (This is the image they gave me, I’m not sure who the artist is. So if you do, let me know so I can credit!)

The tunic and hat are purple faux linen, and I embroidered (straight stitch on a regular machine) the patterns from Link’s Twilight Princess design. The belts are brown pleather with pre-made antique brass buckles. The armor is craft foam with Worbla formed around it. The swirls are strips of craft foam glued to the armor bases first. I love how Worbla can cover such detailed surfaces, this is a great example of what it can do! I painted with “24k gold” spray paint, detailed with acrylics, and sealed with resin. The pauldrons attach with strong magnets, and the bracer attaches with pleather straps and d-rings.
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