Queen Rapunzel: Gallery

I made Queen Rapunzel from Lele Draw Cosplay’s Disney Queens fanart. I was part of a group of queens! We competed in the masquerade and won a judge’s award and honorable mention for our performance! :)

Here are some pictures my gals took of me at the convention. Eventually I might to a photoshoot and get more professional images.

queen rapunzel (more…)

Queen Rapunzel: Progress

Queen Rapunzel For Katsucon 2016 I made Queen Rapunzel, based on the Lele Draw Cosplay fanart (image).

Some construction notes:

The base fabric is a paisley suiting fabric I found at Joann’s, honestly not exactly sure what it is. The gold is metallic dupioni, which I really liked working with and I think is much nicer than lamé. I also used some various satin fabrics I had lying around for accents. The cape is silk dupioni.

I found some clear teardrop-ish shaped gems and painted them gold, then e-6000’ed them onto the dress. We all had a ton of bling, so I added extra Swarovski crystals here and there. The swirly designs on the front panels are applique that I made and satin stitched. The design overall is pretty straightforward. The coolest part is that I used pre-made hook and eye tape with a separate panel in the middle. This was a neat alternative to a zipper or actual lacing.