Fallout 4 Sole Survivor: Progress Part 2

Fallout 4 Righteous Authority Continuing on with my Fallout 4 build (check out part 1!), I’ll now talk about the props I made. I decided to make Righteous Authority (pictured at left), a laser rifle, because its my favorite rifle in the game. Why? I don’t know, its not that amazing spec wise. But it looks cool and has a badass name. I also made the new pipboy, and some small pieces for the vaultsuit. I’ll admit I’m not exactly a props expert. When it comes to sewing, I’m obsessed with perfection and using professional techniques and materials. With props though… I just want it to kinda look like the thing I’m going for haha. I did get a ton of positive feedback on the rifle though, made me feel really good! :)
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Fallout 4 Sole Survivor: Progress Part 1

fallout 4 sole survivor Ever since I played Fallout 4 when it first came out, I knew I’d be making that new vaultsuit. Its so much more interesting than the previous ones. I hunted ’round the internet for the right fabric and studied it for months and months before finally deciding to make it. I also decided to do some leather armor since I needed an excuse to learn leatherworking. This post will cover the vaultsuit and armor, and the next will cover the props.
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Fallout 3 Nuka Cola Girl

I made the pink spring dress from Fallout 3 for fun! I wore it to PAX Prime and Dragon Con 2015. I carried around a homemade Nuka Cola bottle and claimed I was a Nuka Cola girl. This isn’t really a construction write-up or gallery, just a “hey I made this thing” post. :)