Sailor V Cosplay: Progress

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Sailor V CoverTime for Sailor V, yay!!! I’m really excited about doing this costume, its so cute! I am doing the manga version, which I think is the cutest.

So far I’ve bought all of the materials and made a muslin mock of the top. I got a navy bottomweight for the pleated skirt and accents, and red and white cotton with a slight stretch to it for the rest of the outfit. A thick yellow ribbon will hopefully serve as the gold lining on top of the gloves. I got plenty of red bias tape, and shoulder pads for the, well, the inside out shoulder pad armor she wears. :-P I will make a nice cover for them. Those shoes are of the devil and I haven’t found anything suitable yet.

Also I got a serger for Xmas!! I will go serge crazy on this costume! :D
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