Anna from Frozen Fever: Progress

anna-frozen-fever-doll I made Anna’s Frozen Fever dress around May of 2015. At the time the short wasn’t out on video yet (I think, unless I was dumb and missed it). There were very terrible reference pics. I ended up doing a mish mash of movie screenshots and the various dolls. I noticed in the actual short (vs. the marketing photos) her dress, especially her vest, was extremely glittery and blingy. So I aimed to be as glittery and blingy as I could!

An interesting fact is that I had almost all of the material for this costume from other projects. In fact that was my personal “challenge” for this project. I wanted to see how much money I could save by not buying new stuff. The top is leftover yellow Casa from Snow White. It is technically too yellow, but okay with me because of my challenge. The gold bias trim I made from a gold paisley brocade I use for just about everything. Her super shiny vest fabric was from a Tinkerbell dress I bought fabric for (but never made). The glittery teal skirt is leftover Ariel satin. I already had most of the other miscellaneous stuff like jewels and embroidery thread. So I didn’t really have to buy much!

Unfortunately I have very few progress photos. I could have sworn I took more but I can’t find them. This is what I get for waiting almost a year to post this. :) I am posting the few I have, plus the graphics I made for the embroidery (which I made in Photoshop by overlaying on the doll patterns). It is not very professional, but that was fine because I have good digitizing software for my Singer Futura.

I have final pics in a separate gallery post.