Kafei from Majora’s Mask: Progress

kafei Majora’s Mask was the first Zelda game I ever played, and its definitely my favorite. Of all the weird, sad stories, the Anju and Kafei quest-line got to me the most. My friend Sarah Shortcake also feels the same way as me, so we decided to cosplay the couple! This is the first male cosplay I’ve ever done, so it was really a fun experience!

I used the same purple stretch velvet I had leftover form my Sailor Saturn holiday outfit. I managed to find a knit pattern thats very similar to Kafei’s outfit, just needed the fancy parts modified (I’m not super familiar with sewing knits so using a pre-made pattern was nice). The gold appliques are leftover brocade from many different projects. The base shirt is linen with purple satin applique. The top of the main shirt is deerskin split I got for super cheap from Tandy. Its very similar to suede and smells good. ^_^

I made the keaton mask by putting cones onto a wig head and melting Terraflex over it. I cut all the edges nicely then put Apoxie Sculpt all over it to smooth it out. I didn’t do a great job smoothing it though and it turned out a bit lumpy. (As usual this was done last minute.)