Magical Girl Nyan Cat Costume: Progress

Magical Girl Nyan Cat Magical Girl Nyan Cat is my super secret original costume! I made it in 5 days!!! *O* I’d been thinking about and planning it for a lot longer, and meant to do it for PAX East and on. But I imagined myself wearing it to Momocon, and bam! I was rushing to do a 3rd costume the week before the con. :-P The rainbow train didn’t make it, but will be ready for PAX!

I started with the corset. I relied heavily on this tutorial since I’d never made one before (except for a practice one with the same tutorial.) The basic pattern is one I drafted myself, made a mock of, and adjusted until I liked it. You’ll notice in the final pics from Momocon that the back is pretty wide. Thats because I designed it to be super squeezy to get a tiny waist, but discovered I do not like squeezy corsets! (No, I’d never worn one before, great planning right?) So I had to wear it at its max width to be comfortable.

I used pink silk for the outside and hot pink linen for the lining. I made my own bias tape out of beige silk. It has a legit busk and spiral steel boning I ordered from All of the sprinkles are “bling on a roll” I bought at Michaels. I used regular pink ribbon as the lacing.

For the grey outer layer of the skirt I used casa satin. I used this awesome tutorial for putting in horsehair braid to get the dramatic ruffles. There is an invisible zipper and standard waistband that sits at the skinniest part of my waist. This is because the corset pulls on it and makes it poof out! The petticoat base is leftover grey organza, and the ruffles are a mixture of casa satins. They are 1/8 yard thick, hemmed with a tiny (and frustrating!) rolled hem and quickly gathered onto the petticoat base.

Gloves were made by me out of leftover grey casa satin. Wig is Arda’s Jane in bubblegum. Ears I made out of leftover pink glitter paper and dark grey rabbit fur, mounted onto a headband. Hair bow is leftover pink satin and an old Nyan Cat pendant I had. Back bow was hot pink satin reinforced with interfacing. Tights were from my Katy Perry costume. Shoes were on clearance at DSW. The jewelry is cheap stuff I got at the Icing and painted with nail polish.

View the progress pics below, and final pics at my Magical Girl Nyan Cat Gallery!

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