My first Momocon is coming up!

On March 8 I’ll be attending my first Momocon ever. I’m really freaking excited. I’ve been preparing for this con for months!! (Since starting Aela back in Nov). It’s ironic that I used to be a GA Tech student and never went, and now several years later I’m so overly excited about going. (If it hadn’t always fallen on spring break I might have gone, oh well).

I’ve heard it referred to as “baby Dragon*Con” and “Dragon*Con lite”… F*** yeah that sounds awesome! There are amazing cosplay guests and panels going on, and I’m going to milk every little cosplay related thing I can! I’ll be going to the craftsmanship contest on Saturday, no idea how that’ll go but hopefully I can get a good judging time that won’t interfere with too many fun things. I got a hotel room for the weekend just so I have a place to change (and crash after the rave :-P)

So for costumes, here is what I think my lineup is. (Subject to change, esp if I don’t get the afternoon judging time I want!):

Friday starting around 4/5pm: Super Secret Original Costume. May change into Sailor V if I go to the SM slumber party at 1am.
Saturday 10am-2:30pm: Sailor V
Saturday 4:30pm-10ish: Aela the Huntress
Sat night rave: something special ;)
Sunday: Sailor V

I’m almost done with Aela (98%) and Sailor V (99.5%, just needs wig styling). The bulk of the super secret original costume is done, needs detail work and completion of accessories. I started the dang thing Friday and have been tornadoing through it, unfortunately at the sacrifice of execution (f*** you, tiny rolled hems!) but overall it’s looking great!

I’ve planned out each day in detail up until the con (which I started doing last week and have managed to be behind on every day :-P) and it looks like I’ll finish with a little time to spare at the end. (HAH. We’ll see about that). I actually have the most unfortunately timed band concert that will be taking up my entire Thursday afternoon/night before the con. BLEGH.


Super secret preview!!!

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